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Dear Visitor,

We love to have English speaking visitors in our Saturday Night services. If you need interpretation into English, please contact me (vesa.seppala (at) in advance, and we will arrange the interpretation for you.

Below is a brief overview of our church, and our weekly schedule. I hope to see you in Majakka.

Pastor Antti

Majakka Church

Majakka (Lighthouse in English) Church is a Christian non-denominational local church.

Majakka was founded by individual people in 1998. We want to expand the Christian message and culture in Espoo. We are part of the Ecumenical Council of Espoo, And the Evangelical Alliance of Finland ( We co-operate with different Christian churches and organizations. 

With our slogan, “The Church Has Left the Building”, we want to communicate a truth that people are more important than buildings. The Church consists of people who are in love with God, not structures. 

History doesn’t know any other person like Jesus Christ. His life and teachings have influenced humankind like no other. His biography, the Bible, is the most translated book in the world and reveals to us the secret and wisdom of eternal life. It's message continues to be relevant even in today's challenging times, and contains answers for every true seeker. 

Welcome to Majakka!

With Best Regards,

Pastor Vesa Seppälä

Brief overview of our weekly schedule

Saturday night at 4 pm is our “Light House Night”. This is our main weekly church service. It has programs for both children and adults.

Videos in English & other languages

Please take a look at Majakka's video gallery in our "Media" section. You will find there some videos in English, too (...and even more other languages). Here are some messages from our interntational quests: Remi Høidahl, Colin HarbinsonJess Strickland, Glenn Collard, Dianne Collard, Rachel Komanapalli, Ernest Komanapalli, Reba Altizer, Peter Nordberg, Gary Witherall.


We would be happy to receive your feedback and wishes concerning our church and website. Please feel free to send an e-mail to:  web (at)  Thank you!


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