In Between Two Places

In Between Two Places

Colleen 6. helmikuuta 2014

In the Bible we can read of multiple examples of God calling people to leave behind what is familiar to go to a new and unfamiliar place of God’s choosing. God is still beckoning people today to step away from what is familiar and to step into the unknown.

Obedience often takes us from the familiar to the unknown.  When God prompts us for change, and He will, we can choose to ignore or obey.  Change can be something like breaking a familiar habit, doing things differently for better results, serving God in a new way, or stepping out in faith and doing something that seems impossible.

Obedience to God brings indescribable blessing in our lives and others who are blessed because of our obedience. But often there is a period of time between our obedience and the manifestation of our expectations. 

During this time, we may have that uncomfortable feeling of feeling like we are “in between two places”.  It is during this time that our faith grows as we look to God in complete trust and dependency on Him.  As we depend on Him alone we come to realize that He is everything that He says He is. He can and will do all that He has promised. 

Though we may sometimes feel that we are “in between two places”, we can know that we are never alone there, God is with us.  Our tomorrows may seem to us uncertain, but we have the One Who holds all of our tomorrows in His hand.  When we feel that we may have lost our way, questioning ourselves if we have made the right choice, we have Jesus Who continually beckons us to follow Him, for He IS the Way.  When we feel like we are walking in darkness with nothing to hold on to, we have His Word and His Spirit to guide us.  When the ground seems slippery and we feel like we are sinking, we can know that He is our rock and firm foundation that holds us up even when all hope seems lost. As we continue to trust in Him we can move forward with confidence knowing that He will safely lead us and fulfill all of His promises.

God is directing His people into greater things than we have known or experienced before.  Through obedience, faith, and patience, we will surely arrive at our destination!